Essential Oils to Support Personal Freedom

Let Freedom Ring!

July is such a monumental month in remembering the freedoms and personal liberties that we enjoy! Sometimes, however, we don’t feel so free on the inside because of painful past experiences or beliefs we’ve acquired that don’t serve our highest good. Sometimes we feel trapped, stuck, and might even experience sad or anxious feelings. When we haven’t learned how to process and release these lower-vibration emotions, they can become stuck in the body and can actually cause physical symptoms.

Breaking Free.jpg

Happily, there are some simple things we can do to jump start the process of releasing that which does not serve us.

  1. Pranayama / Breathing Exercises. Did you know that the part of the lungs that oxygenates the blood is located towards the bottom? Many of us breathe shallowly,  so our blood isn’t able to carry a full supply of oxygen to the cells! The simple act of breathing deeply can start a chain reaction of “flow” in our systems. When you breathe in a citrus oil, it helps us relax, and supports the cells in releasing their toxic waste while receiving the oxygen and nutrients they need to function properly. Inhaling mint or eucalyptus oils is refreshing, and almost helps us feel like we are breathing in new life and energy. 

  2. For those of us with complicated family histories (this is potentially everyone!), Petitgrain is an oil that supports thoughtful awareness and appreciation for the good in our family lines while it helps us disconnect from family patterns that we do not wish to continue. As we explore our own beliefs/likes/dislikes, we may find some preferences that don’t fit our family systems, and the discovery and awareness of these conflicting values can feel like a betrayal of sorts, or cause us to fear disapproval. It is possible to be familiar with our family history and use it as a springboard for finding personal peace and clarity. To use, diffuse or inhale from the bottle. You can also put 1-2 drops on the bottom of the feet, or dilute and apply around the navel, back of the neck and/or over the heart.

  3. Lavender is an oil that assists by supporting a feeling of calm, especially when we are speaking our truth. Many times we hide our true thoughts and feelings due to fears of rejection, ridicule or a feeling of vulnerability. Lavender helps us release ourselves from our self-made prisons of silence and put ourselves in a position to be loved for who we truly are. It’s only when we tell the truth that we can connect authentically with those around us. To use, diffuse or inhale from the bottle. Apply 1-2 drops topically on the bottom of the feet, over the throat, over the heart, and on the wrists.

  4. Working closely with Lavender, Black Pepper invites us to examine the parts of ourselves that may be less understood. It helps us reconcile our repressed emotions and helps strengthen us to overcome the discrepancies within, so that we can live a life of integrity from the inside out. To use, inhale from the bottle or diffuse, dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the bottom of the feet.

  5. Jasmine is a sweet, gentle oil that supports an individual working to release the after-effects of sexual trauma. It can help provide balance for those who fear or resist the sexual experience as well as assist those who are over-fixated on sexuality. It supports a feeling of safety with intimacy and invites us to establish a renewed value system based on integrity.

Although essential oils themselves do not do the heavy lifting, pure and potent essential oils can support us through the healing and process of ‘becoming liberated’ emotionally. Using the right chemistry with the right chemistry is a powerful way to address health and wellness within the body, mind and spirit – and using essential oils definitely gives us access to several pathways of impacting our body systems for the better as we intentionally harness these gifts of nature.