Embracing Change


This week brings our attention to a seasonal change, marked by the Fall Equinox, September 23. As we recognize the many layers of change, there are equally many emotions around change that arise. If we look at the change of season, we anticipate the beauty of the emerging Fall, yet we might lament over how quickly the Summer flew by. As there is opportunity to start anew, we might have anxiety alongside excitement over what may lie ahead. Our yoga practice offers us great growth potential, learning to glide past the default habits associated with how we are conditioned to handle change in the past. Whether it is our asana practice that helps us rid the body of its nervous energy and understand what the lessons of the body hold, or our Pranayama practice that show us how to use breath to physiologically build resilience while focusing on one aspect of the present moment, whether it is our meditation practice that shows us the way to rein the mind from the racing habits and calm with mindful awareness, or our spiritual practice that aligns with our yoga journey, it is all about embracing change. Yoga gives us a foundation that provides a sense of readiness in general. This opens the door to our world, allowing us to know ourselves better (turning our attention inward) and to to appreciate all the relationships, physical, emotional, spiritual (noting all that we are connected to outside of ourselves). We can therefore be present to the miracles of life that unfold with each season, willing to accept as we embrace change and impermanence. We gain a resilience that carries us into being adaptable. Through the course of our lives, we are meant to evolve to our highest nature, to our true selves as we align with our Source. Our yoga practice will pave the way of our journey, and help us stay true to the path as we find our way in the world. Our understanding of Ayurveda will provide the wellness tools that empower us to make the most of how our journey is truly unique, and our path to the Source is dependent on all of these factors. To learn more, join us for a two week on-line course, Essential Yoga Sangha! There are two versions, one is for yoga teachers, providing 10 hours Yoga Alliance CECs. The joy is in the journey - hope to see you there!