Creating Balance

If your heart and spirit aren't in sync with what you're doing in life, it creates problems in the energetic body. And if those problems aren't addressed or healed, they manifest in the physical body. Once we address what's not in balance in our lives, we're able to function from a more whole and healed perspective. In order for the whole body to be healthy, the mind, body, and spirit need to be balanced.When you create wellness within, you create wellness without. Healthy shifts not only happen internally but affect how we interact with the outside world in positive ways. 

When we have balance in body, mind and spirit, we align with the opportunity for the body to be healthy. When there is imbalance, we cannot function optimally and soon the healthy areas become compromised too, in attempt to compensate. 

Your heart is the seat of your intuition; it guides you.  Your spirit follows.  Listen to your body, listen to your mind and spirit too, in how you address what might not be balanced in your life. If problems are not addressed in mind and spirit, they manifest as problems in the energetic body and then in the physical body.
Create wellness within, and then you can affect your community and take your place in the world in more positive and constructive ways.   

Aromatherapy can help. It can energize, help with focus, pave the way to clarity, and help with release.  Enjoy experimenting with aromas of essential oils while you practice and "feel" what aligns with what you mind and spirit seem to want and enjoy.
Enjoy your practice - Namaste!