Connecting With Nature


Our blog post focus this April is “Connecting With Nature!” We are eager to embrace spring, to plant seeds of intention for positive transformation on our journey into wellness. Won’t you join us this month and share your transformative experience with us!

In effort to connect your body with nature, realizing that you are nature, and that your lifelong habits are an integral part of “the care and keeping of you,” AND of our earth. Your body is made of carbon, and includes elements, minerals and energy exchanges that make up the planet too. Among quantum physicists, world history scholars and mind-body gurus, there is a consensus that the energy of our inner thoughts and mechanics is reflected to all aspects of our universe and vice versa. Furthermore, we have everything in our body and on our earth to allow us to live with vitality and to heal. That puts a great responsibility on us to be knowledgeable and to practice “life” with intelligence, mindfulness, compassion and gratitude.

To truly take care of our physical, emotional and spiritual well being, we need to learn to tune in to the inherent wisdom within us and align with our sense of intuition, with the feedback that our body gives us, especially as the seasons change and we can tune in to how we align with the rhythms of nature too. Not listening to our bodies can disconnect us from our true nature and furthermore manifest “dis” ease.

Spending time in nature can help us in a myriad of ways: it can lift our mood, support our respiratory and immune systems, provide exercise, and vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin)! Spending time in nature helps us to adjust our biorhythms to where we live on this earth as well as to align with the season and optimize wellness practices according to our unique constitution, our dosha.

Winter has turned to spring! As the weather warms up and the earth blooms with vibrant colors, exchanging energy from the sun, we encourage you to align with spring time by planting seeds of intention for progressing your wellness journey. Here are some ideas:

1. Get outside every day, spend time in nature and find something new to appreciate as life unfolds this Spring.

2. Drink enough water – hydration is important to revitalizing cells and allowing regeneration as well as elimination of waste.

3. Consider adding a squeeze of citrus or a drop of citrus essential oil to your water to help you with detoxification, and to give your immune system a boost. Make sure to only use pure essential oils. If you are not sure where to get those, please message us!

4. Get enough sleep! Your body recalibrates and most of the regenerative processes happen when you sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, make sure you keep a steady schedule, waking and sleeping around the same time, make sure to exercise to prompt your nervous system to balance with rest, and consider using a diffuser with aromatherapy that calms the nervous system like lavender, spikenard, chamomile, marjoram, or that supports the respiratory system like eucalyptus, cardamom, peppermint and laurel. We are happy to help with suggestions for diffusers and pure essential oils.

5. Put your hands and feet in and on the earth! Plant a tree, or a garden, create a terrarium and bring the outside into your home. Practice meditation and/or yoga outside!

6. Lift your gaze – this will improve both your focusing and your balancing skills. You will be inclined to appreciate the beauty of nature even more. Notice the unique daily look of the sky, gaze at the clouds or the stars, look to the horizon, note the ever changing color of new green leaves, … look for all the signs of spring – the beauty and wonder are never-ending and quite inspiring.

7. Eat fresh, organic food! Plant herbs and use them in your cooking. Proper nutrition is essential to optimal well-being.

8. Connect with yourself as you connect with nature, after all, you are a part of nature. Are there health issues that you have been neglecting? Learn more from the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda, which dictates many useful and effective wellness ways to stay on the side of prevention. See more in our book, Essential Yoga Practice. Order your copy here.

The practice of slowing down allows us to be present and brings us naturally back to gratitude and to appreciating the wonders of life, the rebirth that happens before our eyes, time and time again. As this spring time unfolds, what will you do to renew YOU?