Attention to Intention


Sankalpa, a Sanskrit word which refers to intention, is typically the beginning of each practice, whether you give attention to it deliberately, naming the intention specifically or whether you arrive at your practice with an unconscious intention. Seasoned students come to understand that all yogic practices are preceded by a Sankalpa and the reason behind this has great depth as each practice is an opportunity to honor the intention and to grow in our understanding of our place in this world.

The word Sankalpa is derived from two root words, “Sat,” which means truth and “Klapa,” which refers to a very long period of time. Thus, it is a resolution that can and should stand as true for much more than our lifetime, as the effect will have a ripple effect into the lives of others around us and after us, as people remember us far after we are gone. It can have a great effect on how we are known, on the emerging of our own future ways of doing things and on our effectiveness in community. Sankalpa sheds light on what is important, keeping what is important in the front of our attention, and thus directs life unfolding. It is a realization of the sacredness of being true to ourselves.

Every time you set an intention, it is part of your own evolutionary process, tied to your unique dharma (the purpose of your life), and is an incremental step along the path of your journey in life. Each time you start anew, with the resolve to an intention, It is an opportunity to keep moving forward, to participate with responsibility in the process from the microcosm (listening to the divine seeds planted in your soul) to the macrocosm (your family, community, world, Higher Power/God).

Share with us your new 2019 intentions, awakenings, realizations, and what you find unfolding. As our paths cross, we get to learn from each other as we help each other with forward steps along our collective evolution. Along the way of your practice, consider using grounding aromatherapy like frankincense, myrrh, Siberian fir, and arborvitae - oils that resonate with the sacredness of life.

Namaste, friends!

Mona Flynn and Asti Atkinson