9 Whole-You Practices to Come Back to Center

As life gets more and more harried, pulling us into seemingly millions of directions, the term “whole” has been tugging at the minds and hearts of many. While we are feeling fragmented with electronic and word bombardment, a myriad of processed and fast food choices, and a fast-pace of life in general…the idea of coming back to center by getting back to the basics sounds better and better. So, what are these practices that help us to find that balance in our lives, that help us carefully fit the pieces back into our whole?

1.       Pranayama, or breath work. There is something solid about focusing on one’s breath, on the inhale and the exhale. Breath work brings a tranquility and peace, and an awareness of our body and the living essence inside of it. It helps us release our minds from the millions of details we sometimes become attached to, and instead, focus on the greater whole inside us and around us.

2.       Aromatic use of essential oils interacts on a chemical level with the limbic center of our brains, and in a very real fashion, uplifts and fortifies emotions and paradigms.

3.       Topical use of pure and potent essential oils works with our cellular structure to help us center and come to balance, thereby supporting all the systems in the body.

4.       Healthy sleep helps us replenish, restore and rebuild on a physical and emotional level. 

5.       Proper hydration helps EVERYTHING in our bodies to function properly. 

6.       Regular aerobic exercise supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

7.       And of course, foods high in nutrition as well as high-quality supplements help give your cells the building blocks they need to thrive.

8.       Practicing daily meditation and gratitude help quiet the mind and put us in a space to balance giving and receiving.

9.  Yoga asana to have intentional postures/sequences that open body, mind and spirit to being receptive to change from a place of grounding. 


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