9 Reasons We’re Grateful for Essential Oils and Yoga

1.  Essential oils (EO) and yoga have been used for centuries. Yoga is the oldest form of “exercise” on this earth, about 5,000 years old. Essential oils have existed as long as there have been plants on this earth. Having access to what is “tried and true” provides a great foundation to grow our wellness practices. 

2. They support the body's healthy functions. Essential oils are the perfect wellness supplement since they are created in nature. Unlike nutritional supplements, essential oils work on a chemical level, which gives them the ability to support cellular structure and function, the very building blocks of our beings. There are so many oil choices and ways to use essential oils, that this type of wellness support can be completely personalized. Practicing all the eight limbs of yoga provides a means to build resilience in body, mind and spirit, and can also be tailored to the needs of the student. In addition, the sister science of yoga, the medicinal practice, is Ayurveda and is equally 5,000 years old.

3.  Both EOs and yoga focus on the “individual” as we are all such unique beings. Individuals who are new to the concept of incorporating essential oils into daily living are often surprised at the vast number of choices available for supporting specific wellness goals. This is because most essential oils have at least several constituents, and some essential oils have hundreds of compounds. The variety of choices allows us to experiment and explore, not only with which essential oils we best respond to, but we can also tweak how much, how often, and the method of application.  We also learn if we personally benefit more from using the oils topically, aromatically or internally—or a combination of the three. In yoga practice, we can tailor how to use all 8 limbs to include asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, spiritual study, our yogic quest to understand the self as we learn how to serve our dharma, the purpose of our life.  In starting a new practice, it is wise to find a well-experienced yoga teacher, schooled not just in yoga but in yoga therapy. It is likewise ideal to work with someone experienced in using EOs when targeting specific wellness goals.

 4.  Both teach us to honor the body as a temple. We have one life to live in this vehicle that is our body.  It was given to us by God and it is our responsibility to take care of it.  In doing so we have freedom to live the purpose of our life, to honor God.

5.  Both are tools. Both explain that although God gave us everything we need on this earth and in our bodies to nurture ourselves, EOs and Yoga are tools to enhance the body’s capacity to support healthy functions.

6.  Both can affect emotional well-being. Aromatherapy is a science on its own, using the olfactory system to connect with the body’s limbic system so as to pull us out of emotional potholes.  Yoga uses restorative poses to calm the central nervous system, and standing poses and inversions to energize and empower us, pulling us away from negativity and helping us feel the potential of our own strength in many ways.

7.  Both are a “practice.” We practice to understand ourselves and our world better, to see where our efforts can be helpful and useful.  We practice to learn much more than how to be strong and healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We practice to learn to be better human beings everyday, to affect positive change and to make our world a better place. And, as with the idea of what the word practice means, we must work at using these tools consistently, so that we refine what we are able to do and evolve along the way.   

8.  The exponential value of using the two together!

9.  That we get to share our passion for both, yoga and essential oils, with YOU!