6 Ways to Honor the Connection we have with special women in our life


Isn’t it interesting how Earth Day and Mother’s Day are close together? What is interesting all the more are the parallels.  According to one of my teachers, Indu Arora, “Both nurture, nourish and provide consistently and unconditionally. It is one of the highest dharma to practice non-violence towards these mothers and to repay the debt by taking care” of the earth we live in and the people who nurture us and to whom we have been entrusted.  

Furthermore, female friendship is powerful! Throughout history, from the realms of the effectiveness of a queen to the women who didn’t have much power or control, the bonds and support formed through relationships and friendship with other women has been valuable, pivotal and often changed the course of history. Female bonds was and is an important way to work together and support one another, and to set the example to the next generation that women are strong, smart, effective and instrumental in our world. No matter what stage of life, those bonds are important to build and to maintain. Here are some ways to do that:

1.  Especially at this Mother’s Day time, tell the important women in your life how they have made a difference for you.

2.  Honor the your mother, or someone who has nurtured you with a meaningful gesture or gift. Consider a gift of nature, a diffuser and some essential oils for enjoying aromatherapy. Message us for suggestions.

3.   Celebrate the women in your life.  Celebrate each other’s successes as well as make it a point to promote what other women are doing.  Lift each other up! This is karma in action!  

4.  Make time for your female friends and the women you love being connected to in life. Do something healthy together, take a walk, enjoy nature, practice yoga together. Enjoy the “Partner Sequence” in our DVD of Essential Yoga Practice – get  your copy HERE.

5.  Read up on some of the most influential women in history. Share about them, this empowers others and gives them a greater legacy.

6.  Volunteer to help an organization that promotes the well-being of women. See what we have been doing HERE

Mother’s Day week is a time to reflect on the women in your life who have nurtured and supported you, and one cannot help but bring those thoughts full circle then to the women in your life that you can also lift up and support. The effect is an upward spiral of empowerment to the future generations of both women… and men. Yoga is a practice. So is life. Enjoy your practice!