3 Ways to be More Generous

In this month of December, we at Essential Yoga Practice are offering our readers The Generosity Series, and hope that you might join us in a dialogue on how to give of ourselves along the way of refining the yogic practices of becoming more present in our aim to enjoy life.   This time of year when we are seeking meaningful and memorable ways to experience the holidays, sharing is especially important when we perceive a limitation. There are many ways to share of ourselves, and perhaps the outcome will be the potential within each of us to inspire others to be generous too. What and how can we give?

1.    The one thing that we all value is having “time.” To be present to each part of your day allows you to give yourself to the experience, to understand and appreciate the people, the situations and opportunities in front of you, and to participate in the how and why you are present.   Consider being more generous with your time by being generous with yourself.  Try not to rush so that you can have clarity for the course of your day and make sure you have some down time for yourself too – meditation and yoga are ideal daily practices.   Consider sharing your time by how you spend time with others, enjoying their company while lending a hand or sharing a mutual endeavor.  Call someone you have missed for a while just to chat, find ways to volunteer, …the sky is the limit!

2.    Pare down and contemplate the quality of your generosity.  Give without expectation or attachment of the outcome – give from your heart and with full intention of leaving a positive imprint for the recipient.  The ripple effect is the greater value and only time will tell of the continued generous effects that come from “paying it forward.”

3.    Be willing to share your gifts.  We are each blessed in so many unique ways.  It is flattering when people seek you out for your expertise, your advice and your opinions based on your gifts and life experiences.  Be willing to share, to help someone grow, and perhaps you might learn along the way as the effect contributes to an improved community.  You will be seen as a leader, not just as a compassionate and generous person.  You will allow others to build on your efforts with their inherent gifts. Let’s see what happens when we combine our intellectual currency.

Let’s give of ourselves and open our hearts to all the ways we can be more generous.  How you are willing to give is a reflection of who you are. Be kind and generous with yourself and then you will be able to tap in to your inner light, which will shine the way to your ability to give.

The essential oil that encapsulates abundance is Wild Orange.  Use that in your yoga and meditation practices this month, and share your observations. One winner will receive a bottle of Wild Orange!