12 ways to Celebrate Earth Day, Celebrate Life

The word “earth” brings many thoughts to mind.  In all faith practices we hear that God gives us what we need in our bodies and on this earth, to heal ourselves.  That is rather powerful and puts us in a position of great responsibility, not just to take care of our body, a temple, a vehicle for the soul to live the purpose of our life, our dharma but to be stewards of this earth, while we do so.

Where do we start?  With gratitude first. According to Ayurvedic tradition, we should wake before or with the Sun and recognize the opportunities of the day, to offer our hands in service, to offer our gifts.  Our morning rituals include self care and vary slightly with regard to constitution.  How we support the optimal way our body functions includes recognizing that both movement and food is our medicine.   (For more on daily practices for your constitution, see Essential Yoga Practice).  How we care for Mother Earth can be small steps of care for ourselves and our environment and they have a ripple effect on ensuring life for the children of our future and for all life that shares our planet.  Here are ways we can collaborate to care for our earth and our wellbeing:

1.Recycle – the preservation of our planet begins with how we minimize our footprint in our immediate space.
2.Get involved in community efforts to ensure clean water and minimize pollution.
3.Support laws to protect the environment.
4.Find ways to serve those less fortunate with providing clean water and good nutrition.
5.Get out in nature daily – this is known to improve mood!
6.Plant a garden – include herbs and use them in your cooking
7.Put your hands in the soil and feet on the ground – the probiotic benefits are found here too.
8.Plant a tree
9.Get out and exercise in fresh air and sunshine
10.Practice yoga outside when possible – your practice will be inspired by what is around you, follow your intuition and enjoy your practice of asana, meditation and pranayama outside.
11.Bring the outside in – with plants in your home to help with the O2/CO2 exchange, with using fresh herbs and essential oils for aromatherapy, you are tapping into the how nature helps with preventative wellness practices.
12.Eat fresh foods daily, keeping a diet that aligns with your dosha, your constitution,… and keep coming back to gratitude

Celebrating Earth Day is really about Celebrating Life!  We just have to find and offer the right ingredients and situations.  The answers lie in what God gives us through gifts of the earth.  Happy Earth Day from Essential Yoga Practice!