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Essential Yoga Sangha is an interactive two-week online course about the integration of essential oils into yoga practice. Registration also includes the Essential Yoga Practice textbook, as well as the DVD, bundled with the price of the course.


Our Book

Essential Yoga Practice, the textbook for our courses, provides a solid foundation of both yoga and essential oils for those just starting out in either practice, but also provides additional important insights and instruction for experienced individuals.



The Essential Yoga Practice DVD is a companion to the book, and features the 6 original yoga sequences from the book, as well as tips for using essential oils to compliment yoga practice. The DVD clearly demonstrates that yoga is for everyone, both novice and seasoned yogis alike!


Essential Yoga Sangha Testimonials

The Essential Yoga Sangha class brought to light a lot of great new information while reinforcing concepts I learned previously. The videos showed how to make a cleaning spray with essential oils, how to use oils in yoga class and during meditation. The presentations tied Yoga and essential oils together beautifully. I loved the guided meditations!

As a Yoga Teacher this class provided new information for me incorporate into my teaching. I highly recommend this class!
— Lisa H., Yoga Teacher, NC
I have used essential oils for many years, and I loved how Mona and Asti connected the dots so I could understand how to incorporate oils into my new yoga practice.

I could easily see the many layers of education here so that it works well for newbies as well as experts. This is a must-attend!
— Becky B., Personal Trainer, TX
The Essential Yoga Sangha contained a wealth of information. Even though I’ve been studying essential oils for a few years now and had in-depth yoga therapy training, I still learned so much from this sangha. You learn from Mona and Asti as well as your fellow sangha mates.

I want to go back to catch the many, many pieces of helpful information - from another amazing thing that an oil can help to another yoga asana or practice that is very effective for physical and emotional support.
— Stephanie J., Yogi, NC

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